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Advantages of Askari Insurance Plans

Health Insurance
Online Premium Payment

With Askari Insurance, you can pay premium amount online.

Health Insurance
Assessment Tool

We let you assess your requirements and recommend you a plan accordingly.

Health Insurance
Financial Planning

We also assist you plan your finances based on your financial requirements.

Askari Life Insurance Plans

When it comes to make important decisions in life, it is important to consider that being safe is better than being sorry. We all realize that life is uncertain, and one must be ready for rainy days. Therefore, it is better to get full coverage for all incidents. The unexpected events of life are linked with death, sudden loss and damage, health issues posing sudden financial burden. Askari insurance plans allows you to have financial safety from emergencies not only for you but your family as well.

Askari Health Insurance

With Askari health insurance, your health expenses are always covered. Not only you but your family is also protected from sudden health expenses. Askari insurance reimburses your in-patient and out-patient fees.

Askari Life Insurance

You cannot be sure of life but with Askari life insurance, you can be sure of full coverage from Askari life insurance. Under Askari life insurance, you are fully covered and protected from life related risks.

Askari Marriage Insurance

You are now allowed to rejoice your loved ones marriage with Askari marriage insurance. Askari Insurance covers all the expenses of the weddings under the Askari marriage insurance.

Askari Education Insurance

Your dream of have your children get higher studies from a renowned educational institution can be fulfilled here. Askari education insurance covers all the expenses of sending and paying the fees of the college and university.

Type of Askari Life Insurance Plans

Askari Nayab Plan

Askari Nayab Plan aims to help you to live your dream life with Askari plan.

Askari Nayab Plan is what it takes to live a happy and perfect life. If you are looking for a perfect life insurance, then Askari Nayab plan will turn into your perfect financial planner that aims to help you with your financial goals.

On account of ever-changing global and local economic conditions, it has become challenging to achieve the financial goals. Askari Nayab Plan helps you with your financial goals by understanding your financial needs and actions to make to achieve them.

Askari Nayab plan offers a perfect life insurance plan that increases its value with the passage of time. The plan aims to help you grow your investment through investing in the money in the right financial ventures. It is a financial plan that will give you 100% return on your investment.

We realize the exceptionality of situations of each of you. Askari Life Nayab Plan protects you at every step of your life. Not only you, we protect your family as well.

Features and Perks of Life Nayab Plan

Full-Coverage Benefits

Askari Life Nayab Plan brings you full coverage benefits so that you can live your life fully without the hassle of financial burden. With the Nayab Plan, we offer you and your loved ones a well-protected future and safe life against all the odds of life.

The benefits offered by the Askari Nayab Life insurance plan aims to ensure that you are provided with an exquisite and inclusive financial security. Not only you, but your family is also protected in the events of sudden accidents, death, loss, damage, and other incidents.

Maturity Benefits

Many believes that life insurance is beneficial for only for the family where the family gets the amount of the insurance on the death of the insured person. With Askari Nayab Life plan, you get the benefit of maturity where upon the maturity of the insurance plan, the insured person is benefitted with the features and perks of the insurance plan.

Backup Financial Access

In case of emergencies, people usually use their cash savings or backup funds saved for other financial goals. In other case, you are compelled to borrow money from your friend or family. With the Askari Nayab Life plan, you do not have to be worried about borrowing money for emergencies. We offer you emergencies easy access to money or cash that is up to 50% of the total value of your account.

Financial Security

A life insurance policy is supposed to be a long-term commitment to achieve a financial goal. Askari Nayab Plan aims to provide you protection against financial risks that may arise in a long run. After buying the life insurance plan from Askari life insurance, you get utmost protection for you and your family. We do not only offer you a financial security but also a chance to withdraw during the free look period in case you are not satisfied with the plan and want to quit it.

Protection against Inflation

Similar to other insurance plans, Askari Nayab Plan provides you utmost protection against inflation. We all know that inflation is increasing every year by 5 to 10%. Beating inflation is almost impossible with a pay cheque. However, you can be sure of the inflation protection with the Askari insurance.

Other Benefits
  1. With Askari Nayab Plan, you can also enjoy the child wedding benefits.
  2. You can also get education benefits by waiving the school fee
  3. You also receive hospitalization cover if you encounter accidental and medical.
  4. You can also get surgery benefits under your plan.
  5. Also includes waiver of premium in case of death.
  6. Also includes waiver of premium in case of disability.
  7. You can waive the premium in case of special needs.
  8. You can also avail the accidental death and disability rider.
  9. You can also acquire level term rider.

Eligibility Criteria and Terms

Basic Premium Provision

As your policy continues till the ned of the maturity term, your account value is accredited with a basic premium you pay. The share of the provision of basic premium to your account is as follows:

Bonus for Continuation

You are provided with bonus for continuing the policy. In addition, the continuation bonus is as follows:

Fees and Charges

Admin Fees

There are first admin fees of Rs. 100 that increases up to 10%. Investment fees are 1.5% of the account value that is deducted yearly.

Cost of Insurance

It is related to the age and mortality table of the insured person.

Premium Expenses

There is 5% expense on the premium that is deducted on the payment of premium.

Askari Life Zarkhez Plan

On account of recent global Pandemic and health crisis that almost shook the world was a wake-up call for many who did not have any life insurance. Considering the issues led by such health crisis, Askari Life offers a plan that aims to provide an environment in which you can grow your investment and can live your life without any hassle.

The Askar Life Zarkhez Plan is an inclusive and exclusive package for those who are looking for protection from different financial risks at different stages of their lives. We know that your financial needs may vary over the period of time and not all insurance plans can help you cover your risks. So, we bring you the best customised life plan that suits your needs and based on your requirements.

No matter at what your career stage is or if you have just started a family, and in need of funds to support a child’s education or marriage, you need a plan to retire with funds and have sufficient money to spend on certain needs related to your family.

With our Askari Zarkhez plan, you can customize your life insurance plan. We allow you to control your future by choosing the best life insurance plan for you according to your lifestyle and needs.

Under this life insurance plan, you can get flexible options to choose the best life insurance plan for you. You get a number of options and features to choose the life insurance plan that suits your needs and requirements. We have certified advisor to add more benefits in your policy.

Additional Investment Options

We offer additional investment options that aim to allow you to make more investment to your existing plan. In case you have got extra funds that you want to invest in some attractive projects or investment plan, then you can ask for your financial advisor to put that additional fund in your existing plan.

Tax Credit Facility

With our insurance plan, you also have the facility of tax credit. We allow you to have the tax benefits as per income tax ordinance.

A Variety of Protection

With Askari Life insurance plan, you get the access to a variety of protection. Sudden death of a family head or guardian can be very upsetting for emotionally and financially. However, with Askari Zarkhez life insurance plan, we assure you to access to financial security for your family. With multiple and variety of coverage for your financial needs, you get access to a lumpsum amount.

Claim Procedure for Askari Life Insurance

  • In order to make the claim, it is important that it is in written form subsequent to the incident.
  • The written claim should be made by post to the Head Office. You can also send it to the nearest branch office.
  • After receiving the claim application, our claim department will further proceed the request for assessing it and determining the type of claim. They will also send requisition letter for the initial document.
  • The claim department of Askari insurance will contact you to collect all the information and facts related to the incidents and claim.
  • After receiving all the necessary information and documents related to the claim, the claim request is approved.
  • Once the file is cleared by the audit department, you are issued a voucher of the amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to make the payment of the premium, you can choose from a variety of options including cheque, cash, online bank transfer, and money draft.

In order to make the claim under any policy, you need to submit an application via post and provide all the related documents and fact/information.

If you want to check or see the status of your Askari Life Insurance, you can do it through our helpline available for 24/7 customer support.

In order to renew the policy, you need to contact us and pay your premium amount for the policy.

If you want to cancel the policy, you can do it during the free look period. You can simply contact us and we will refund 100% of your policy amount.

You can buy a policy in less than few hours from Askari Life Insurance.