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Basic Information

We just need some basic information to begin your scoring

Basic Information

We just need some basic information to begin your scoring

Policy Designed to Meet Your Needs

Health Insurance
General Takaful

General Takaful proffers an inclusive products’ portfolio for the national Takaful market.

Health Insurance
Family Takaful

Family Takaful provides financial protection to everyone in your family through family Takaful.

Health Insurance
Corporate Takaful

Pak-Qatar Takaful allows to access the best corporate takaful policy in the country.

Pak-Qatar Takaful Insurance

Pak-Qatar Takaful insurance policy is the leading and pioneer of all the Takaful being offered in Pakistan. The aim of the Pak-Qatar Takaful in Pakistan is to allow the people to access general, corporate, and family takaful in the country. Under general takaful, we are providing value financial service that includes but not limited to customized financial solutions and comprehensive product portfolio.

Pak-Qatar Takaful insurance is available in different cities of Pakistan and can be bought from different branches of the company. We have been expanding our network of branches for the ease of you so that you can easily access the financial takaful services.

We have also been offering Pak-Qatar corporate and family takaful that also aim to provide ease to business and family to avail customized and personalized takaful insurance services in the country.

Pak-Qatar Individual Takaful

Pak-Qatar individual takaful is a combination of different individual based takaful that entail all the necessary and important takaful that an individual may be in need of. It includes but not limited to savings takaful, marriage, salary, health, education, and different investment takaful. Takaful insurance by Pak-Qatar Takaful aims to ease your life being individual by providing you a shariah complaint individual policy that is designed and crafted to meet your needs.

Things Covered under Individual Pak-Qatar Takaful

Individual takaful insurance by Pak-Qatar takaful covers a number of benefits, perks, and features. The main goal of the individual takaful is to provide protection against different uncertainties and mishaps that are likely to take place in the life of an individual. Whether you are buying an auto insurance, or health insurance, your damages and losses are all covered under the individual takaful insurance of Pak-Qatar takaful. Some of those uncertainties and mishaps are as follows:

  1. Damage caused by Natural disasters or severe weather
  2. Fire
  3. Theft
  4. Vandalism
  5. Damage to the third party
  6. Damage to the vehicle caused by falling objects such as trees

Corporate Takaful

Corporate Takaful by Pak-Qatar insurance aims to provide a comprehensive yet business takaful plan for businessmen and corporate people to invest their money in a shariah compliant corporate investment plans. The aim of the corporate takaful is to provide a variety of options and choices for corporate and business class people to choose from. If you have a business and you are looking for better option for the investment, then corporate takaful by Pak-Qatar Takaful is the best choice for you.

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