Basic Information

We just need some basic information to begin your scoring

Basic Information

We just need some basic information to begin your scoring

Get a Policy custom-made for your requirements

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Inclusion and Policies

Get different auto approaches and their inclusion that addresses your issue.

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Markdown and Premium

Benefit elite markdown and premium for your collision protection.

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Our case cycle is simple and straightforward and doesn't drag out the interaction.

Information Requirement

The fundamental information necessity from the business is the rundown of workers with insights about names, dates of birth and CNIC numbers. This information is expected at every restoration of the approach for example every year. Opportune changes of variances can be made assuming that the turnover of representatives is conveyed alongside names, dates of birth, CNIC numbers and dates of leaving or joining.

Administration Standards

At EFU Life endeavours to furnish you with amazing administrations and serve its clients above and beyond. EFU Life has a well-disposed client care and an excited and dedicated deals force, EFU Life guarantees its clients the best consideration consistently.

EFU Life has established rigid assistance guidelines so they might fulfil their clients reliably

  1. Guarantee Settlement in somewhere around seven days of submitting guarantee records
  2. Administration reaction to business questions inside three working days
  3. ISO 9001-2008 affirmed functional techniques to guarantee ideal quality administrations
  4. Thoroughly prepared staff major areas of strength for with foundation which guarantees sound data and information
  5. Readiness of citations in the span of three days of citation demand created from client.


This is a 14 days time span during which you can meet your policy agreements and can terminate the policy. During these 14 days the policy would be terminated and amount will be refunded.

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