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Types of Cars Covered under Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance

We offer comprehensive coverage for your corporate cars. You can now make easy and simple claim for accidents that usually take place on roads. It does not matter whose fault it is. Our corporate car insurance ensures that you do not have to pay for repairs, rather we pay for your accident damages and repairs.

Third-Party Insurance

We also offer third-party car insurance that aim to offer you risk coverage against different legal liability to a third party caused when it is your fault. Our corporate car insurance covers any damage or repairs caused by the insured to another person or property.

3T Insurance

Our 3T car insurance involves coverage and protection to yourself against different unpredictable situations. Even if the car is completed lost due to riot or natural disaster or involved accidents, we will cover you under the Motor Vehicle Act. .

5T Insurance

Our 5T insurance covers 5 different types of damages including terrorism, loss, theft, third party liability and tracker

Show care for your Employees and they will care for your Company

For employees, in general, car benefits are a big deal and car benefits are offered by employers, they are more than pleased and show their dedication towards working and performing for the company. We help you achieve your employees’ satisfaction through our corporate car benefits facility. The corporate car benefits of Ignite Desk Insurance aims to create ease for your employees to have their car covered from different risks involved in the car accidents, theft, and other incidents.

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Get Full Coverage of Your Office or Employee Car

Whether it is your office car or your employees’ car, it needs protection from risks. When you buy the best corporate car insurance policy from Ignite Desk Insurance, you can be sure of the protection from different types of losses and injuries.
Financial losses are obvious in the car maintenance. When you buy our best corporate car insurance, we provide you protection from theft, accident, damage, and other types of losses. In case, you have personal injury or your employees have personal injury, it will be covered by our insurance.

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Why Ignite Desk for Corporate Car Insurance

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Best Rates Guarantee

Ignite Desk Insurance proffers the most competitive rates for your corporate car insurance in Pakistan. We are 100% sure that you will never be able to find better prices than our prices or match our price.

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Custom Quotes

We acquire custom quotes from a number of insurance companies based on your corporate car insurance needs and requirements. We combine them as a single document so that you can choose the best plan.

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Hassle-Free Process

We know that buying a corporate car insurance can be full of hassles. We ensure that you do not have to go through any hassle, as we will do all the document work from collecting car information to quoting you a price from different insurance companies.

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Help in Claim

After getting your preferred corporate car insurance from Ignite Desk Insurance, we do not leave you high and dry but stay with you during the insurance period and help in processing your claim.

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Dedicated Manager

We assign you a dedicated account manager to manage and run your insurance account. The benefit of the dedicated manager is that he helps you before and after the insurance claim process.

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Free of Cost Service

Our insurance service is absolutely free, as we do not charge you anything for buying corporate car insurance from Ignite Desk Insurance.

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