Refund Policy

Health Refund Policy

Health refund policy fluctuates from insurance agency to organization. On the off chance that an insurance agency offers a Free-look period (Depending on what number of days they offer), the paid sum is discounted to clients, though assuming there is no free-look period, the client cannot get his cash back.

Travel Refund Policy

Clients can demand for discount with the insurance agency for this, you really want to give specific narrative proof, for example, a visa dismissal letter. Note that a 35% retraction charge will be relevant on the all-out policy sum you paid for all insurance agency with the exception of United General Insurance (UIC). For UIC, the wiping out charge will be 52%. Likewise, a discount can't be handled on a gave strategy in the event that the voyaging dates have previously begun. It requires up to 14 working days for a discount cycle to finish. We will keep you informed during the cycle.

Vehicle Refund Policy

For vehicle insurance discounts, clients need to give a composed solicitation to begin the contract undoing process. The discount sum changes from one supplier to another where the insurance agency will deduct charges and administrator expenses from the discount sum. Also, there ought to be no case in-cycle of the client. Thirdly the discount solicitation ought to be in something like a half year of procurement.