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Basic Information

We just need some basic information to begin your scoring

Basic Information

We just need some basic information to begin your scoring

Get upto 15% discount with Debit/Credit cards

Buy Best Health Insurance Policy

Hospitalization Benefits

We get you reimbursement for up to Rs. 5000 for per day hospitalisation.

Daily ICU Room Benefit

You can get the reimbursement of extra 100% of the daily hospitalization benefit in case of staying in Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Full Year Risk Coverage

You can now get insured for the full year for hospitalization and ICU stay only through paying a one-time small premium amount.

Risks Our Policy Covers

When you buy health insurance policy from us, you get different health coverage against health risks.

Affordable Health Plans

We offer you very affordable health insurance plans to help with hospitalization costs and getting the treatments.

Easy Claim Process

Our claim process is easy and hassle free. You can make easy claim and simple settlements from our Insurance Provider for Hospital Cash Assistance plans.

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Benefits of Health Insurance in Pakistan

Health Insurance Guide

When you reach us for health insurance query, we assign an agent to help you with documentations. He or she guides you what documents are required to buy insurance from us.

Different health insurance policy has different risk coverage. You must get in touch with us to explore particular risk coverage offered under a specific health insurance.

You can pay premium of your health insurance via different channels including cheque, cash or bank transfer.

In case of any incident, expensive health bills, you can make a claim by contacting us and providing us details.

Health insurance cover all the health-related expenses that you pay at our registered hospitals. Whether you are out-patient or in-patient, you had a surgery or consultation service, you can easily claim your money.

There are limitless benefits of health insurance. You can easily get access to a high quality health facility and services at lower price.

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