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We let you to evaluate your auto or travel needs and suggest you a plan accordingly.

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TPL Auto Insurance

With TPL auto insurance, you are always safe from various types of risks such as expenses caused by the accident, damage, loss, and other types of expenses due to injury to the driver. When you buy a TPL auto insurance, you get the reimbursement of your claim for accidents and damage caused by the accident. You are also protected from the theft and lost of auto because with TPL auto insurance, we provide you a tracker device service that tracks your auto and retore it just in no time.

TPL Travel Insurance

TPL travel insurance aims to make your travel and trip easy. Whether you are travelling locally or across the country, you get the full risk coverage for any type of loss and damage caused by the theft, accidents, or sudden incidents before or during your travelling and trip. We reimburse your damage amount and make it easy for you to travel again to your favourite spot. No matter, whether you are on a business trip or vacation, you have the assurance of the TPL travel protection.