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Student Insurance

If you are a student and travelling on student visa or some type of student exchange program for higher studies, then Takaful Travel insurance policy is the perfect pick for you.

Group Insurance

If you are a vlogger and travelling, or you are a professional traveller and having a trip, you require a Takaful Travel insurance to get yourself protected from various types of Takaful Travel risks.

Insurance for Professionals

Are you a travel vlogger and travelling to Thailand? You need a travel insurance to get yourself protected from different types of travel risks

Perks Come with Takaful Travel Insurance

Are you planning a trip with your friends and family or going alone? Are you travelling for business purpose or fun? Do not worry! Takaful Travel insurance offered by Ignite Desk Insurance has got you covered. Our Takaful Travel insurance policy provides you safe and hassle-free protection from various risks involved in travelling abroad.
During travelling, if you encounter any emergency situation or experience theft or accident during your trip, you can make a claim for your incident and get reimbursement of the entitled amount. All you need to do is to provide evidence and proof of that incident and other documents and your claim will be processed as per the insurance policy of the company. You will also be required to provide the details of the theft or item being stolen.