We are Pioneer in the Industry

Our Values

Our values are adhering to following:

  1. Provide quality insurance plans
  2. Offer a number of plans to individuals and corporates under one roof.
  3. Value client satisfaction

Ensure to offer a variety of insurance plans at the best rates.


Our mission is to:

  1. Be leading company in offering insurances from different brands
  2. Be only company providing benefits from different insurances

Be pioneer in offering the best rates for all the insurances

We offer you a marketplace where you can compare different types of insurance policies from a number of insurance companies in Pakistan. We are convicted to help both individuals and corporates with the best insurance that suits their needs and cover the risks accordingly. We ensure that you and your property and vehicles are protected through our best insurance policy

We have Reached here after a long Journey.

Behind our current success and growth, there is a long history and journey. Here is the brief description of our tremendous journey.

  • Establishment of Ignite Desk Insurance
  • Grand Opening of our Website
  • Partnership with leading insurance companies in Pakistan
  • Registered as an Insurance company
  • Marketed and advertised nationwide
  • Achieved Sales Target of 2 million
  • Included more insurances in our Portfolio
  • Award winner
  • Became leading company offering insurance from different brands