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Read the following Terms and Conditions when applying from the USA. 

Terms for Ignite Desk – Job Seekers:

Non-Commercial Use

Job Seekers are allowed to use Ignite’s Site and its content for non-commercial purposes.


Job Ads and Listings

Ignite Desk provides Job Ads and Listings from third-party sources. Ignite Desk does not have control over the content, links, or conditions imposed by third parties. Job Ads may be sponsored or paid placements. Ignite Desk is not obligated to screen or include Job Ads and may exclude or remove them without explanation.


Accuracy and Liability

Ignite Desk does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, legality, reliability, or availability of Job Ads or information provided by Employers or users. Ignite Desk assumes no responsibility or liability for the content of Job Ads.


Tracking and Information Collection

When applying for a job on an Employer’s website, Ignite Desk may collect information about your actions on the site. Employers using tracker functionality are responsible for complying with applicable laws.


Independent Functionality

Ignite Desk provides independent functionality to assist Job Seekers, such as search options and reformatting Job Listings for mobile viewing. Ignite Desk may also promote Job Ads on dedicated pages or websites, but this does not guarantee a better application experience or job offer. 


Phone Numbers

Ignite Desk may provide the functionality to call a phone number in a Job Ad using a mobile device’s phone app, but the correctness of the phone number is not guaranteed.


Terms and Conditions for Resumes and Profiles

By creating a searchable resume on Ignite Desk, you authorize us to share your resume with potential employers and users of Ignite Desk’s Resume Search Program. You can choose to make your resume searchable or not. Ignite Desk provides feedback and suggestions for improving your resume but assumes no liability for your job search or the accuracy of job ads. Your resume data may be associated with your Ignite Desk profile, which can be viewed by third parties. Contact information may be masked for privacy. Ignite Desk may work with organizations to help job seekers but disclaims liability for their services.


Terms for Job Applications 

When applying for jobs through Ignite Desk, any resume or application information you submit is subject to Ignite Desk’s terms and privacy policy. You are responsible for reviewing and confirming the employer you are applying to. Ignite Desk does not control the use or disclosure of your information by the employer. Ignite Desk may send your application to the employer or an applicant tracking system. Ignite Desk does not guarantee the delivery or receipt of applications. Employers may use screener questions and schedule interviews based on the criteria provided. Ignite Desk does not make hiring decisions and is not responsible for rejection notices or interview scheduling. Ignite Desk may suggest information from your profile for job applications. In Japan, Ignite Desk operates as an employment placement business provider.


Terms for Job Matching and Recommendations

Ignite Desk provides job-matching recommendations to both job seekers and employers based on data collected from the site. This includes job ads, resumes, application materials, assessments, and user activity. Job recommendations may be sent to job seekers via email. The job matching feature is in beta and subject to the Beta Program.


Communications and Other Actions on the Site

Your communications and materials on the Site may be processed, analyzed, and stored for various purposes. Ignite Desk may inform employers about their actions on the Site. Ignite Desk may send you messages or notifications about your activity on the Site.

Ignite Desk may offer text message interview reminders for scheduled interviews.

Text messaging relay and call relay services are available on the Site for job-related communication.


Text to Apply and Scan to Apply

You can use text messaging or QR scanning to apply for jobs. By texting a keyword or scanning a QR code, you consent to receive text messages about job listings. Additionally, technical delays may occur with third-party providers of text messaging services. Kindly ensure that you will be responsible for the accuracy and completeness of information submitted through text messaging.


Messaging Services and Chabot

Ignite Desk provides messaging services for communication between users. Messages may be grouped, but not all messages may be grouped. Ignite Desk’s messaging system should not be used for bulk messages. Chatbots are automated services that allow certain actions on the Site. You are responsible for the accuracy of information submitted through chatbots.


Chat and Other Communication Options

Ignite Desk may enable chat or other communication options for select employers or job listings.

The availability of chat options depends on various factors and can be turned off at any time.

You can turn off browser or mobile push notifications through the respective settings.


Phone Number-Only Accounts (PNO Accounts)

PNO Accounts can be created with a phone number only, but there are limitations.

You may lose access to your PNO Account if you forget your password or change your phone number. You may receive non-transactional WhatsApp messages with the option to unsubscribe.

Ignite Desk Interview Updates and Recruiter 



You can receive text messages about upcoming interviews or recruiter invitations.

You can cancel these messages by texting “STOP” to the relevant shortcode.

Carrier charges may apply, and message frequency varies.


Virtual Communications

Virtual interviews and communications may be offered by employers through Ignite Desk products. Ignite Desk is not responsible for telecommunications services provided by third-party providers. We also clarify that virtual interviews may be recorded, and you agree to the recording and its use by employers. Our agency company is not liable for any claims or data security during virtual interviews.


Screening Tools

Ignite Desk offers screening tools for employers to use in the application process.

The questions and qualifications are determined by the employer, not Ignite Desk.

Ignite Desk is not an employment agency and is not responsible for the screening process.

Employers are responsible for providing alternative screening methods if required by law.


Ignite Desk Assessments

Employers can use this online tool to send skills assessments to Job Seekers. The assessments only evaluate specific skills, and Employers determine their relevance. Taking an assessment does not guarantee a job offer. Ignite Desk does not select or control the assessments and is not responsible for alternative screening methods for disabilities.



Job Seekers must keep assessment and response content confidential. However, they can communicate with Employers about the assessments. Ignite Desk has no obligation to screen or include assessments or responses on the site.


Career Services

Ignite Desk offers various career services like resume review and coaching. The services are optional and provided for informational purposes only. Ignite Desk does not guarantee job interviews, job placement, or increased salary based on using these services.


Salary and Other Information

Ignite Desk provides salary and other information for informational purposes. The data is estimated and subject to change. Labels or badges may be added to Employer names or job ads based on the data provided. Employer-provided demographic information may be displayed on Company Pages.


Job Seeker Data

Ignite Desk collects and stores information related to Job Seekers’ actions and provided information on the site. Job Seekers may be associated with observed factual data for job suggestions. Demographic data may be provided and used for evaluation and improvement, with aggregate summaries shared with employers.


Ignite Desk Hiring Platform

Employers use this platform for hiring and employment decisions. Ignite Desk is not responsible for Employers’ compliance with employment laws. Ignite Desk does not participate in the hiring process and does not procure employees or opportunities.


Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

Disputes related to the agreement or the site will be governed by the laws of Texas, the USA, or the Republic of Ireland. Legal proceedings will be filed in courts located in the respective jurisdictions.


Class Action Waiver

Users agree not to sue Ignite Desk as a class plaintiff and not to participate in class-action lawsuits. Individual lawsuits are allowed, including in small claims court, subject to the agreement’s terms


Terms and Conditions for Ignite Desk

Employer Accounts

Employers creating an account on the site agree to abide by the terms and conditions, including Ignite Desk’s policies and privacy policy.

ID verification may be required, and any data shared with is the responsibility of

Employers must have the authority to bind their organization to the agreement.

Accounts belonging to the Employer, and information provided to Ignite Desk will be visible to the Employer.

Employers are responsible for the appropriate use of their accounts and email address.


Linked Accounts

Linked Accounts allow multiple users to access the same account with varying access levels.

Admins have the authority to invite users and grant access, and they are responsible for any shared data.

Users with access to Linked Accounts can view account information and make purchases under the account.

Activity in the Employer Account is visible to all linked users.

Employers and Admins can unlink accounts and manage access.


Account Management and Payment

If a credit card is on file, Ignite Desk may charge it for additional products or services ordered.

Ignite Desk may send notices to Job Seekers about compromised Employer accounts.

Employers are responsible for their use of the site and compliance with applicable laws.

Ignite Desk may limit job postings if they do not comply with relevant laws.

Employers are responsible for the contents of their emails, job listings, and other communications.


Employer Services

Employers can use Ignite Desk Apply and screener questions for job listings.

Ignite Desk may send applications to the provided email address.

Employer Dashboard provides tools for managing candidates, including setting up interviews and rejecting candidates.

Employers are responsible for compliance with applicable laws, including nondiscrimination laws.

Ignite Desk may reject or remove discriminatory job listings or questions.

Employers are responsible for their selection criteria and compliance with disability-related inquiries.


Data Analysis and Privacy

Ignite Desk may analyze data for quality control and to improve its products.

Ignite Desk may inform Job Seekers about Employer actions and activities.

Employers may be assigned labels or badges based on the data provided, but accuracy is not guaranteed.

Employers using Ignite Desk API agree to additional terms and conditions.

Employers are responsible for complying with data protection laws and the actions of third-party developers.


Fraud Prevention and Record-Keeping

Ignite Desk may require email verification, but it is not guaranteed. Employers are responsible for complying with record-keeping requirements, such as OFCCP’s internet applicant rule.


Job Match Summary

Ignite Desk provides job matches to both employers and job seekers based on data collected through the site. Matches may include recommended resumes for job ads or suggested job ads for job seekers based on their recent applications. The job matching service is in beta and subject to the Beta Program.


Salary, Applies, and Other Information Summary

Ignite Desk may provide users with informational content such as estimated salaries, the number of jobs applies, and responses to screener questions. These figures are estimates for informational purposes only and may come from third-party sources. Ignite Desk may also add labels or badges to job ads based on data in the job description. Accuracy is not guaranteed.


Screening Tools Summary

Ignite Desk offers screening tools for employers to use, including screener questions, phone screen tools, and assessments. Employers are responsible for determining the questions and using the tools in compliance with applicable laws. Assessments evaluate specific skills but do not determine overall job qualifications. Employers must ensure compliance with disability-related inquiries and provide reasonable accommodations.


Communication through Ignite Desk 

Ignite Desk provides messaging and communication services on the site. However, these messages are provided as a courtesy, and employers should not rely solely on them. Contact information may be masked or substituted with aliases. Employers are responsible for their communication and should not use Ignite Desk’s messaging system for bulk messages. Employers are also responsible for the content and use of communication services.


Virtual Communications

Ignite Desk provides virtual and remote communication options for job seekers, including virtual interviews and meetings. These services may include scheduling, video conferencing, and collaborative tools offered by third-party providers. Ignite Desk does not guarantee the availability or quality of these services and is not responsible for verifying the identities or qualifications of job seekers.


Americans with Disabilities Act

Employers are responsible for providing alternative communication methods for individuals with disabilities as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act or similar laws.


Protection and Liability

Ignite Desk disclaims any liability for the transmission of virtual communications, including audio/visual content, interview questions and answers, and personal data. Employers are responsible for securing and protecting the data shared during virtual interviews. Ignite Desk does not assume responsibility for the availability or retention of any virtual interview recordings.


Access and Use at Own Risk

Employers access and use virtual interviews at their discretion and assume all associated risks. Ignite Desk disclaims all liability arising from the use of virtual interviews.


Invitations and Representatives

Employers can extend invitations to additional representatives to join virtual interviews. Ignite Desk will send invitations based on the provided email addresses, but inaccuracies in contact information are the employer’s responsibility. Employers are accountable for the conduct and actions of their representatives.


Ignite Desk’s Role in Virtual Interviews

Ignite Desk only provides the option for communication with job seekers through third-party services. Ignite Desk is not a participant in virtual interviews and does not verify job seekers’ information. Employers are responsible for any accommodation requests from job seekers.


Recording Virtual Interviews

Employers may have the option to record virtual interviews with job seekers but require permission from all participants. Employers must comply with applicable laws regarding consent and recording. Ignite Desk may store and access the recordings but is not obligated to retain them. Employers are responsible for any allegations or claims related to the recording of virtual interviews.


Company Pages, Enhanced Profiles, Employer Branding Hub

When employers post job ads on Ignite Desk, a Company Page and/or Glassdoor Profile Page may be automatically generated. Employers can edit and add information to their Company Page. Ignite Desk offers premium features through Employer Branding Hub on a subscription basis. Employers are responsible for the content they post on Company Pages and for determining the suitability of Employer Branding Hub features.


User Content and Moderation

Ignite Desk and Glassdoor host user-generated content, including salaries, company reviews, and interview materials. Ignite Desk moderates user content based on a standard review process and does not provide preferential treatment for customers.


Ignite Desk Academy

Members of Ignite Desk Academy can use Graduate logos for individual use only. Using logos for commercial purposes or representing organizations is not allowed. No co-employment or contractor relationship is implied between users and Ignite Desk.


HR Management Tools

Ignite Desk offers HR management software tools, but users acknowledge that Ignite Desk does not provide legal advice and that employers are responsible for compliance. Users should address concerns about tool configuration with their employers.


Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

The agreement and any disputes related to the Site will be governed by the laws of the respective jurisdiction. Legal proceedings must be filed in the designated courts, and the Parties consent to the personal jurisdiction of those courts. Users waive their right to file a pre-suit discovery proceeding seeking user information from Ignite Desk.


Class Action Waiver

By using the Site, users agree not to sue Ignite Desk as a class plaintiff or join a class-action lawsuit. Users retain the right to bring individual lawsuits, subject to the terms of the agreement.



Users agree to indemnify and hold Ignite Desk harmless from any claims or liabilities arising from their violation of the agreement, use of the Site, or employment-related actions. The indemnification obligation continues even after the agreement ends.


Extended Campaign Tools

Ignite Desk offers Extended Campaign Tools for coordinating job ads within geographically distributed businesses. Users acknowledge that information may be shared between franchisees and franchisors or local offices and corporate headquarters. Users are responsible for providing accurate information and obtaining necessary rights and permissions. Ignite Desk is not responsible for verifying users’ identities.


Candidate Import

Ignite Desk offers a platform for uploading information about job applicants (Candidate Import). Users instruct Ignite Desk to process this information on their behalf and are responsible for obtaining necessary rights and permissions. Ignite Desk is only responsible for the data once received, and users are responsible for data before its receipt.


Ignite Desk disclaims all liability for infrastructure-related problems that could harm Users or other parties and interfere with the operation, accessibility, or support of the Platform, such as computer viruses, system failures, hardware issues, or other internet-based pressures.


Ignite Desk disclaims any liability for losses, harm, delays, or failures resulting from the use of the Platform that is caused by unforeseeable circumstances, such as acts of God, legislative changes, embargoes, terrorist attacks, wars, socioeconomic unrest, natural disasters, power outages, weather conditions, hacker activity, internet issues, service provider problems, or any other unforeseen events.


Any incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages, including but not limited to lost profits, loss of revenue, loss of business opportunities, loss of data, goodwill, service interruptions, or other damages of a similar nature, shall not be made by Ignite Desk or any party involved in developing, producing, or delivering the Platform content.

The restrictions and limits described above are essentially covered by this policy.