Australian Employer and Job Seeker Privacy Policies

Protecting Privacy and Security: Australian Job Seekers and Employers

Ignite Desk’s top aim is to protect the privacy of job seekers and companies in Australia by establishing a safe and secure environment.


Statement of Privacy’s Purpose

This privacy policy focuses on the collection and use of online data through the Australian Ignite Desk website at []. It describes our rules and procedures for collecting data from users in Australia.


Associated Websites

Please be advised that Ignite Desk may include links to unaffiliated third-party websites over which we have no control. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or policies followed by these websites. Users in Australia are highly encouraged to fully comprehend how these websites collect, use, and share data, and carefully check their privacy policies.


Getting hold of personally identifiable information

We may ask for personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, email address, phone number, physical address, and date of birth when you register on our website to look for jobs in Australia and establish a profile. Additionally, non-unique demographic information like gender, likes, and favored topics may be collected.


Monitoring User Behavior

We keep a close eye on user behavior on Ignite Desk, which includes keeping track of pages visited and services used. This involves gathering information such as IP addresses, domain names, browser versions, access times, and referring URLs. To better understand general usage trends, address any technical difficulties, and improve the quality of our website and services, we gather this information. It’s crucial to understand that none of this data is linked to any personally identifying information.


Utilization of Personal Information

Our business uses the data acquired through Ignite Desk to operate and enhance our website, improve user experience, and deliver the services and solutions we do. This covers technical, aggregate, personal, and demographic data. We may use the email address you supplied to send you newsletters and job alerts if you opt to receive them.


Information Sharing with Outside Parties

Our first goal is safeguarding your personal information. Your personal information is not given to third parties for marketing purposes. However, we might use third-party providers for certain site functions including payment processing and website hosting. You may rest certain that it is against the law for these providers to use your information for any promotional purposes unrelated to our services. Please be aware that there may be circumstances in which we are required by law to share information in response to a request from a government body.


Information Disclosure

We may disclose information under specific circumstances, such as when required by law, requested by a government body, or in good faith to comply with regulations, protect our rights, prevent criminal activities, ensure national security, or maintain user safety. Additionally, in the event of a sale, merger, or bankruptcy, your data may be shared. It’s important to note that our “Help” and “Contact Us” sections are hosted by a third-party supplier; however, their information collection practices align with our principles and guidelines.


Job and Profile Privacy

Ignite Desk provides users with two options for resume access to manage their CVs effectively. One option allows you to store your CV in our database without making it publicly searchable, giving you the ability to apply for jobs online while maintaining privacy. Alternatively, if you have a private resume and apply for a specific job opening, the employer will have access to your contact information.

We make every attempt to limit access to the searchable resume database for registered companies, recruiters, hiring managers, headhunters, and HR experts. You are free to remove your resume and delete your Ignite Desk profile whenever you want if you want more control.

Please be aware that resume copies may have been saved by recruiters and employers who have already visited the database. Once they have access to your information, we are not liable for how they use it or how it is kept private.


Posting in Open Spaces

Please be aware that anybody can read and use any personal information you choose to submit in areas of Ignite Desk that are open to the general public, like the comments section or the searchable resume database. We are not responsible for the use that third parties make of the information that you submit or make accessible in the public areas of Ignite Desk.


Cookie Regulation

Cookies are used by Ignite Desk to improve and personalize your online experience. These cookies are text files that a web server stores on your computer’s hard drive. They are specific to your machine and are only accessible by the server that issued them.

By telling the web server when you return to a given page on Ignite Desk, cookies help you save time. They help us remember your choices so that we can give you a more individualized experience, complete with tailored content and access to registered services. Although the majority of browsers accept cookies by default, you can change your choices to accept all cookies or to refuse them and receive notifications instead. The performance of the website may be impacted and your overall Ignite Desk experience may be constrained if cookies are disabled.


Management and Modification of Data

You have complete control over your data with Ignite Desk. The “My Settings” option allows you to check, edit, alter, or update your account profile at any moment. If you need help, you can call our customer service line or send an email to [email protected] to reach our webmaster. You also have the option of controlling your newsletter and promotional email subscriptions.


Data Protection

We take the security of your data extremely seriously, and we’ve taken strong precautions to safeguard it. Even while we try our best to abide by trademark and copyright rules, we cannot ensure total protection from unauthorized access or abuse.