Privacy Policies for Job Seekers and Employers in the United Arab Emirates

Ensuring Privacy and Security: Job Seekers and Employers in the UAE

At Ignite Desk, our utmost priority is creating a harmless and protected atmosphere for candidates and employers in the UAE, while protecting their privacy.


Scope of Privacy Statement

The focus of this privacy statement is specifically on the gathering and utilization of online data through the Ignite Desk website at [] in the UAE. It elucidates our policies and practices concerning the acquisition of information from users in the UAE.


Third-Party Websites

Kindly be aware that Ignite Desk may contain links to external websites that are beyond our control. We cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies or practices implemented by these websites. We highly recommend users in the UAE carefully review the privacy policies of these websites to gain a clear understanding of how they collect, use, and share data.


Acquisition of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Upon registering on our website to explore job opportunities in the UAE and establish a profile, we may ask for personally identifiable information, including but not limited to your name, address, email address, phone number, physical address, and date of birth. Furthermore, we might also collect non-unique demographic details such as gender, interests, and preferred topics. 


Tracking User Activity

We actively monitor user activity on Ignite Desk, which encompasses tracking the pages visited and services utilized. This involves the collection of data such as IP addresses, domain names, browser types, access times, and referring website addresses. The purpose behind gathering this information is to obtain comprehensive insights into overall usage patterns, address any technical issues that may arise, and improve the quality of our website and services. It is important to note that this information is not associated with any personally identifiable information.


Use of Personally Identifiable Information

To maintain and enhance our website, improve the user experience, and provide the services and solutions we offer, our company collects the information gathered through Ignite Desk. This includes personal, demographic, aggregate, and technical data. If you choose to receive newsletters and job notifications, we may use your provided email address to deliver them to you.


Sharing Information with Third Parties

Safeguarding your personal information is of utmost importance to us, and we give it the highest priority. We do not share your personal information with third parties for promotional purposes. However, for specific site functionalities like payment processing and website hosting, we may engage the services of third-party providers. Rest assured, these providers are strictly prohibited from using your information for any promotional activities unrelated to our services. Please note that there may be instances where we are legally obliged to provide information if requested by a government agency. 


Information Disclosure

We may disclose information under specific circumstances, such as when required by law, requested by a government body, or in good faith to adhere to regulations, protect our rights, combat criminal activities, ensure national security, or maintain user safety. Additionally, in the event of a sale, merger, or bankruptcy, your data may be shared. It’s important to note that our “Help” and “Contact Us” sections are hosted by a third-party supplier; however, their information collection practices align with our principles and guidelines.


Job and Profile Privacy

Ignite Desk provides users with two options for resume access, ensuring flexibility in managing their CVs. One option allows you to store your CV in our database without making it publicly searchable, granting you the ability to apply for jobs online while maintaining privacy. Alternatively, if you have a private resume and apply for a specific job opening, the employer will gain access to your contact information.

We make every effort to prevent registered employers, recruiters, hiring managers, headhunters, and HR professionals from accessing the searchable resume database. Should you wish to exercise greater control, you have the freedom to remove your resume or delete your Ignite Desk profile whenever you desire.

It is important to bear in mind that employers and recruiters who have previously viewed the database may have retained copies of your resume. We cannot be held responsible for their use or the privacy of your information once it has been accessed.


Posting in Public Areas

Please take note that if you share personal information in publicly accessible sections of Ignite Desk, such as the searchable resume database or comments section, others can gather and utilize that information. We cannot be held accountable for how third parties choose to utilize the information you post or make available in the open areas of Ignite Desk.


Cookie Policy

At Ignite Desk, we utilize cookies to improve and personalize your online experience. These cookies are text files that are placed on your hard drive by a web server. They are unique to your computer and can only be accessed by the issuing server.

Cookies have the purpose of saving your time by informing the web server when you revisit a specific page on Ignite Desk. They allow us to remember your preferences and provide a more personalized experience, including customized content and access to registered services. While most browsers accept cookies by default, you have the option to modify your preferences to reject or receive notifications for each cookie. However, please be aware that disabling cookies may impact the speed of the website and limit your overall Ignite Desk experience.


Data Management and Modification

At Ignite Desk, you have full authority over your data. You can review, modify, edit, or update your account profile whenever you desire through the “My Settings” tab. If you need any assistance, our customer service is readily available, or you can contact our webmaster via email at [email protected]. Additionally, you have the choice to manage your subscriptions to newsletters and promotional emails.


Data Security

The security of your data is of utmost importance to us, and we have implemented stringent measures to safeguard your information. While we make every effort to adhere to trademark and copyright laws, we cannot provide a guarantee of complete protection against unauthorized access or misuse.