By accessing and utilizing the online and mobile services, websites, and applications offered by Ignite Desk in Ignite Desk Sweden, which includes Ignite Desk Apps and other associated software, functionalities, products, initiatives, and components (referred to collectively as the “Site”), you are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. By publishing employment advertisements, hiring personnel, or utilizing any services provided by Ignite Desk, you recognize that you have extensively reviewed, accepted, and wholeheartedly consented to the Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.
  2. Your utilization of the Site demonstrates your recognition and acceptance of the stipulations delineated in this Terms of Service agreement (referred to as the “Agreement”) in conjunction with the official website of the company.

Kindly conduct a thorough examination of the subsequent Terms and Conditions if you are applying from Sweden.

Terms for Ignite Desk – Job Seekers:

Terms of Use for Non-Commercial Purposes

Ignite Desk Permits Job Seekers in Sweden to utilize Ignite’s Site and its content solely for non-commercial purposes.


Job Advertisements and Listings

Ignite Desk obtains Job Advertisements and Listings from third-party providers. Ignite Desk has no control over the content, links, or terms set by these third parties. Job Advertisements may include sponsored or paid positions. Ignite Desk is not obligated to review or include Job Advertisements and reserves the right to exclude or delete them without explanation.


Accuracy and Accountability

Ignite Desk does not provide any guarantees regarding the accuracy, completeness, legality, reliability, or availability of Job Advertisements or the information provided by Employers or users. Ignite Desk assumes no responsibility or liability for the content contained in Job Advertisements.


Data Tracking and Collection

When utilizing Ignite Desk’s Sweden Job Portal to submit a job application on an Employer’s platform, your site activities may be collected. Employers utilizing tracking functionalities are responsible for complying with relevant regulations.


Independent Tools

For Job Seekers, Ignite Desk’s Sweden Job Portal offers a range of independent tools to support their job search, including search options and optimized Job Listings for optimal mobile viewing. Job Advertisements may also be displayed on dedicated pages or websites; however, this does not guarantee an improved application experience or a guaranteed job offer.


Phone Contact

As an agency company, we enable the calling of phone numbers listed in Job Advertisements using a mobile device’s phone app. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the provided phone numbers.


Resume and Profile Requirements

When you create a searchable resume on our website, you are permitting us to share your resume with users of Ignite Desk’s Sweden Job Portal Resume Search Program and potential employers. The choice to make your resume searchable rests entirely with you. Sweden Job Portal offers suggestions and guidance to enhance your resume but assumes no responsibility for your job search or the accuracy of job listings. Your Sweden Job Portal profile, which can be viewed by others, may be linked to your resume data. Contact information may be concealed to protect your privacy. While Sweden Job Portal may collaborate with organizations to assist job seekers, it disclaims any responsibility for their services.


Job Application Terms

When you submit your resume or application information for job applications through Ignite Desk’s Sweden Job Portal, it is subject to the terms and privacy policy of the Sweden Job Portal. It is your responsibility to verify the employer you are applying to. Sweden Job Portal has no control over how the employer uses or discloses your information. Your application may be forwarded by Sweden Job Portal to the company or an applicant tracking system. Sweden Job Portal cannot guarantee the delivery or receipt of applications. Employers may use screening questions and adhere to specific criteria for scheduling interviews. Sweden Job Portal does not have the authority to make hiring decisions, except for notifying applicants of rejections and coordinating interviews. Your profile information may be recommended by Sweden Job Portal for job applications. Sweden Job Portal functions as an employment agency in Sweden.


Messaging and Other Site-Related Activities

The Site enables the exchange of communications and information, which may undergo management, review, and retention for various purposes. Employers may receive information regarding their online activities from Ignite Desk’s Sweden Job Portal. Additionally, you may receive messages or notifications from Sweden Job Portal concerning your behavior on the Site.

To ensure you receive timely notifications for scheduled interviews, Sweden Job Portal may send reminders through text messages.

The Site offers call and text message relay services to facilitate business-related communication.

When submitting applications, you have the choice to utilize text messaging or QR scanning. By sending a specific keyword or scanning a QR code, you provide consent to receive text notifications containing job advertisements. Please note that text messaging services provided by third parties may encounter technical difficulties. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the accuracy and completeness of any information sent via text messages, as you bear responsibility for its accuracy.


Messaging and Chatbot Services

Sweden Job Portal, as part of Ignite Desk, provides messaging services to facilitate user-to-user communication. While some messages may be grouped, not all messages can be. It is important to refrain from sending bulk messages using Sweden Job Portal’s messaging system. Chatbots, which are automated systems enabling specific actions on the Site, require you to ensure the accuracy of the data entered.


Chat and Other Communication Channels

Specific employers or job advertisements on Sweden Job Portal may offer chat or other communication methods. The availability of chat options may vary depending on different factors. If desired, you have the option to disable push notifications for your mobile browser or device through the corresponding settings.


PNO Accounts (Phone Number Only Accounts)

The creation of PNO Accounts solely linked to a phone number comes with certain limitations. It is important to be aware that if you forget your password or change your phone number, there is a risk of losing access to your PNO Account. You have the option to unsubscribe from non-transactional WhatsApp messages.


Updates on Sweden Job Portal Interviews and Recruiter Invitations

You may receive text messages from recruiters or notifications regarding upcoming interviews. To discontinue receiving these communications, you can send a message with the word “STOP” to the appropriate shortcode. The frequency of messages may vary, and carrier fees may apply.


Automated Communications

Employers may utilize Ignite Desk’s Sweden Job Portal solutions for virtual communications and interviews. Please note that Sweden Job Portal is not responsible for the telecommunication services provided by third-party suppliers. Additionally, online interviews may be recorded, and your consent to this is presumed. Furthermore, video interviews may be recorded, and by participating in these interviews, you grant permission for the recording and potential use of the recording by prospective employers. It is important to understand that our organization bears no liability for any claims or data security issues that may arise during virtual interviews.


Selection Tools

Employers can make use of screening tools provided by Ignite Desk’s Sweden Job Portal throughout the hiring process. The responsibility for determining screening questions and requirements lies with the employer, not Sweden Job Portal. As Sweden Job Portal is not an employment agency, it does not conduct background checks. If alternative screening procedures are mandated by law, employers must provide them.


Sweden Job Portal Assessments

Employers have the option to assess the skills of job seekers using the online application provided. These assessments focus solely on specific abilities, and their relevance is determined by the employers. It’s important to note that taking an assessment does not guarantee a job offer. The selection and authority over evaluations are beyond the control of the Sweden Job Portal, and it assumes no responsibility for alternative methods of disability screening.



Candidates are required to maintain the confidentiality of evaluation and response data, although they are permitted to discuss evaluations with employers. Ignite Desk’s Sweden Job Portal is not obliged to review or post evaluations or comments on the website.


Employer Services

Ignite Desk’s Sweden Job Portal offers various career services, including counseling and resume assessment. These services are provided purely as informational resources. Sweden Job Portal does not guarantee job interviews, job placement, or increased wages.


Payment and Additional Information

For educational purposes, Ignite Desk’s Sweden Job Portal provides wage data and other relevant details. The information provided is based on estimates and is subject to change. Employer names or job postings may be labeled or marked based on the provided information. Demographic data shared by employers may be displayed on Company Pages.


Job Seeker Data

Information on the actions and data submitted by job seekers on the website is collected and monitored by Ignite Desk’s Sweden Job Portal. Job seekers may be linked to factual data related to employment opportunities. Demographic data may be gathered for assessment and development purposes, and summarized data may be shared with employers.


Dispute Resolution and Governing Law

Any disputes arising from this agreement or the website will be governed by the laws of Texas, the United States of America, or the Republic of Ireland. Legal proceedings will take place in the appropriate Swedish jurisdictions.


Waiver of Class Action Lawsuits

Users agree not to initiate or participate in class action lawsuits against Ignite Desk’s Sweden Job Portal. Individual litigation is allowed, including in small claims court, as long as it complies with the provisions outlined in the agreement.


Requirements for Employer Accounts on Sweden Job Portal

Employers who register for an account on the website agree to the terms and conditions, including the privacy statement and policies of Ignite Desk’s Sweden Job Portal. ID verification may be necessary, and the responsibility for any provided data lies with Employers must have the authority to bind their company to the agreement. They are granted access to the information submitted to Sweden Job Portal and accounts associated with their company. Employers are responsible for ensuring the proper use of their accounts and email addresses.


Connected Accounts

Linked accounts allow multiple users to access the same account with varying levels of access. Administrators are accountable for shared data and have the power to invite users and grant access. Linked users can view account details and conduct transactions using the connected account. All linked users can monitor activity in the Employer Account. Accounts can be detached, and access can be managed by administrators and employers.


Account Administration and Payment

Ignite Desk’s Sweden Job Portal reserves the right to utilize the credit card on file to cover additional purchases of goods or services. Job seekers may receive notifications from Sweden Job Portal regarding compromised employer accounts. Employers are responsible for their use of the website and compliance with legal requirements. Sweden Job Portal may impose restrictions on job posts that do not comply with applicable regulations. Employers are accountable for the information contained in their job postings, emails, and other interactions.


Summary of Salary, Applications, and Other Information

Informational details, such as estimated salaries, the number of job applications, and responses to screening questions, are provided to users through Ignite Desk’s Swedish Job Portal. These figures are approximate and intended for informational purposes only. They may come from external sources and are not guaranteed to be accurate. Job postings on Swedish Job Portal may be assigned labels or badges based on the provided information, but accuracy cannot be assured.


Overview of Screening Tools

Employers have the choice to utilize Ignite Desk’s screening resources, including assessments, phone screening tools, and screening questions. Employers are responsible for selecting appropriate questions and using these tools in compliance with applicable laws. The assessments evaluate specific skills but do not determine overall job criteria. Employers must address disability-related inquiries and provide reasonable accommodations as necessary.


Interaction with Ignite Desk

Ignite Desk provides messaging and communication services on the platform. However, employers should not solely rely on these notifications as they are offered as a courtesy. Contact details can be concealed or substituted with aliases. Employers are accountable for their internal communications and should avoid sending mass messages through Ignite Desk’s messaging platform. The use and content of communication services are the responsibility of employers.


Regarding Electronic Communications

Virtual meetings and interviews are offered to job seekers by Ignite Desk as options for remote communication. These services may be facilitated by external providers that offer scheduling, video conferencing, and collaboration tools. Ignite Desk does not verify the identities or qualifications of job applicants and does not guarantee the availability or quality of these services.

Following the Equality Act 2010:

Employers are required to ensure non-discrimination in job postings and provide suitable alternative communication options for individuals with disabilities.


Regarding Security and Accountability

Ignite Desk cannot be held responsible for the transmission of virtual communications, including audio and visual content, interview questions and responses, and personal data. Employers are responsible for securing and protecting data shared during virtual interviews. Ignite Desk is not liable for the accessibility or preservation of any recordings of virtual interviews.


Use and Access at Your Own Risk

Employers have the choice to access and use virtual interviews, assuming associated risks. Ignite Desk disclaims any liability arising from the use of virtual interviews.


About Representatives and Invitations

Employers can extend invitations to additional representatives to participate in virtual interviews. Invitations will be sent by Ignite Desk based on the provided email addresses; however, employers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the contact information. Employers are held liable for the conduct and actions of their representatives.


Regarding Ignite Desk’s Role in Online Interviews

Ignite Desk exclusively offers third-party services for communication with job seekers. Ignite Desk does not partake in online interviews or verify the information provided by job applicants. It is the employers’ responsibility to accommodate any requested accommodations from job candidates.


Virtual Interview Recording

Employers have the option to record virtual interviews with job candidates, provided that all parties involved give their consent. Employers must comply with relevant legal restrictions and permissions regarding recording. While Ignite Desk is not obligated to retain the recordings, they may be stored and accessed. Any allegations or claims about the recording of virtual interviews should be directed to the employer.


Employer Branding Hub, Enhanced Profiles, and Company Pages

Employers who post job openings on Ignite Desk may receive automatically-generated Company Pages and/or Glassdoor Profile Pages, where applicable. Employers can update and add content to their Company Pages. Through the subscription-based Employer Branding Hub, Ignite Desk offers premium functionality. Employers are responsible for selecting appropriate features of the Employer Branding Hub and for the information they publish on Company Pages.


User-Generated Content and Moderation

User-generated content, including salary information, company reviews, and interview materials, is hosted by Ignite Desk and Glassdoor. Ignite Desk follows a standard review process and does not provide preferential treatment to clients during content moderation.


Regarding Ignite Desk University

The logos obtained from Ignite Desk Academy are for personal use only and should not be used for business purposes or to represent organizations. There is no contractor or joint venture relationship involved.


HR Management Tools

Visitors acknowledge that Ignite Desk offers HR management software solutions but does not provide legal advice. Companies are responsible for compliance, and users should discuss any concerns about tool settings with their employers.


Dispute Resolution and Applicable Law

The agreement and any disputes related to the website are governed by the laws of the applicable jurisdiction. Legal actions will be conducted in the specified courts as agreed upon by the parties. Users waive their right to request user data from Ignite Desk through pre-suit discovery actions.


Waiver of Class Actions

By using the website, users agree not to bring or participate in class-action lawsuits against Ignite Desk. Users retain the right to file individual litigation while adhering to the conditions of the agreement.



Users agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Ignite Desk harmless from any claims or liabilities arising from their use of the website, violation of the terms of service, or employment-related conduct. The obligation to indemnify remains in effect even after the agreement expires.


Additional Campaign Tools

Ignite Desk provides Extended Campaign Tools for coordinating job advertisements among geographically dispersed organizations. Users acknowledge that information may be shared between local offices and corporate headquarters or between franchisees and franchisors. Users are responsible for providing accurate data and obtaining necessary rights and permissions. Ignite Desk is not responsible for verifying the identities of users.


Regarding Potential Import

Ignite Desk offers a platform called Candidate Import for uploading application data. Users hold the responsibility of obtaining the necessary rights and permissions and authorizing Ignite Desk to process this information on their behalf. Users are accountable for the data before its receipt, while Ignite Desk assumes accountability for the data once it has been received.


Regarding Infrastructure-Related Issues

Ignite Desk disclaims any responsibility for issues related to infrastructure, such as computer viruses, system failures, hardware problems, or other internet-based pressures that may cause harm to users or hinder the operation, accessibility, or support of the Platform.


Regarding Unforeseen Events

Ignite Desk disclaims any responsibility for losses, damages, delays, or failures resulting from the use of the Platform that are caused by unforeseen events, including acts of God, governmental changes, embargoes, terrorist attacks, or similar occurrences.


Regarding the Limitation of Liability

Neither Ignite Desk nor any party involved in creating, producing, or delivering the content on the Platform will be held liable for any unforeseen, special, exemplary, or indirect losses, including but not limited to lost earnings, lost revenue, lost business opportunities, damaged data, goodwill, service interruptions, or other similar harm.

This policy encompasses the aforementioned limitations and restrictions.