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Types of Plans available

There are two major types of plans available under the EFU life insurance plans ambit

Individual Life Insurance Plans

Head start Plan

The head start plan is designed to meet the varying needs of individuals and offer them the best solution. We all understand that having children is a major highlight of one’s life. You shower your children with love, care and direction to make their future a successful one. There is an incontestable sense of satisfaction you feel from knowing that you’ve played your part in the prosperity of your children by giving them a chance to become the high go-getters of tomorrow.

Head start plan provides you with the comfort of a secure future for your child. It helps you start a savings fund on the name of the child when he/she is young so that the accumulated savings/wealth can be utilized for his or her future monetary needs. The Plan offers high-value savings, combined with an assured level of protection and flexibility, with various options to customize the benefits according to your needs.

Main Features:
  1. The plan offers additional term assurance
  2. Headstart plan provides accidental death benefit
  3. The plan has built in disability benefit
  4. You can avail family income benefit
  5. Life care enhanced benefit
  6. The plan offers benefit of hospital care on being admitted in hospital for more than 24 hours
  7. The policyholder can avail Medical Recovery Benefit: the policy pays out lump sum funds on diagnosis of any of the medical conditions as defined in the schedule of benefits.
  8. Waiver of premium can be availed
  9. The plan offers automatic non-forfeiture option

The plan is designed for the child’s better life. The minimum age of entry is 6 months and the maximum age to avail this cover is 17 years.


As we grow, fulfilling all our dreams becomes difficult. Every day involves the tough tasks of careful planning, smart decision making, and careful risk taking for better opportunities. It is important to plan to sustain the lifestyle and accumulate capital for the future.

  1. Plan with flexible and high value savings
  2. Opportunity to accumulate savings on medium to long term basis
  3. The plan is specifically designed for individuals who require high returns on their investments
  4. This plan offers financial protection against unexpected circumstances throughout policy period
  5. The wealth accumulated in an emerald plan can be used for maintaining life style, children’s higher education, post retirement financial security to secure your loved one’s future and their objectives
  6. This feature provides you an opportunity to deposit your surplus amount In lump sum premium called as FUND ACCELERATION PREMIUM (FAP)
  7. The minimum amount should be 50,000/
  8. It can be done anytime during your policy period
  9. This would increase the cash value of the policy
  10. The lump sum surplus funds deposit will not affect the sum insured

To catered multiple income brackets EFU offers three variants having different minimum premiums limits to select from

PKR 300,000
PKR 500,000
PKR 1,500,000

Extra benefits that can be added to the emerald plan:

Emerald plan- Important details

Eligible age 18-65 18-65
Premium payment term 5 years 10-25 years
Plan term 10 years 10-25 years
Maximum age at maturity 75 years 75 years
  1. Maximum Premium 300,000
  2. Enhance protection by adding riders
  3. Accidental death benefit, additional sum assured on accidental death of the policy holder, 50% to 200% of the basic sum assured
  4. Accidental disability benefit, accidental benefit-from 50% to 200% of basic sum assured
  5. Automatic non forfeiture option
  6. If premiums are left unpaid after payment of 2 years of premiums EFU life would give grace time to the policy holder from the first time of the unpaid premium
  7. The company would deduct the maintaining the cover for administration
1 30%
2 80%
3 90%
4- 5 100%
6-10 103%
11 onwards 105%



The lines insured range from 20 to 50 years next birthday respectively


Investment protection plan that provides benefits throughout your life.

You can withdraw funds at any point in time based on your needs and circumstances


The minimum premium for basic plan is PKR 50,000 per annually

  1. Additional term assurance
  2. Accidental death benefit
  3. Family income benefit
  • Get both you and your spouse covered at the same time
  • Provide your family with security regardless of the uncertainty life unfolds

Marriage Plan

Your promise for investment today, their celebration tomorrow!

A beautiful marriage for one’s child is a cherished dream of every parent. We understand that realization of this dream is not an easy task. A little foresight, however, can make it possible. What you need is a long term financial plan to help this dream come true. The EFU life marriage plan provides you with the comfort of a guaranteed secure future for your children.

EFU Marriage Plan helps you save systematically so that you can give your child the much-needed financial security for the years to come. The Plan provides a complete financial design package for you to plan for expenses accompanying your children’s marriage. The Plan provides high-value savings, coupled with a guaranteed level of protection and flexibility, with various options to customize the benefits according to your needs and requirements. EFU life marriage plan allows you to enjoy every moment with your children today, without worrying about their future tomorrow.

Main features:
  1. Built-in Continuation Benefit to guarantee the funds for your child’s marriage in future upon the death of the guardian
  2. Optional Income Benefit ensures that the day to day expenses continue to be met for the beneficiaries
  3. Period of the plan to fit your fee requirement
  4. Border against inflation through the Inflation Protection Benefit
  5. Engagement bonus to provide extra funds for extra coverage
  6. On maturity the policy pays-out to the beneficiary
  7. This plan is also available in “HEMAYAH” takaful umbrella as well
Policy Year Unit Allocation
15 15% of average annual basic premium
20 25% of average annual basic premium
Additional Benefits
  1. The marriage plan provides income benefit
  2. There is a waiver of premium builtin benefit, if you are unable to pay 6 months premium due to sickness, loss of job or accident. The unpaid premiums would be paid by EFU.

Term: The policy term can range between 10 to 25years subject to the maximum age of the policy holder.

1 30%
2 80%
3 90%
4- 5 100%
6-10 103%
11 onwards 105%

Executive Pension plus Plan

Plan wisely for your post-retirement life!

Life isn’t a bed of roses, we need to ensure that retirement is planned for is vital, especially for those who are self-employed or are working in an organization that does not provide a pension. EFU Life Executive Pension Plan ensures that you enjoy a comfortable standard of living, and helps you achieve financial independence during your post-retirement period.

Main features:

Expert Investment Management

The plan offers multiple Payout options to choose from a policy maturity, for instance, at maturity you have the choice to withdraw the fund value as a lump sum amount, or you may select an income to be paid for your lifetime (in instalments) with payments guaranteed for 10 years. On the other hand, you can select an income which will continue to be paid to your spouse for the rest of his/ her life in case you die first.

Access your Savings when needed.

The executive pension plus plan offers convenience ensuring that the retirement plan stays intact and you can continue paying contributions under one plan even when you change your job.

1 30%
2 80%
3 90%
4- 5 100%
6-10 103%
11 onwards 105%
Term Minimum Term Maximum Term
18-50 Term should be selected so that is matures anytime between 60-70 years Term should be selected so that is matures anytime between 60-70 years
51-60 10 70 minus age
61-65 5 70 minus age

Eligibility: The minimum age to enter the policy is 18 years

Guaranteed Acceptance Plan

Stress-free Insurance for a Secure Future

Today, we are exposed to unexpected events continuously which can lead to financial anguish to our families. On such occasions, you want your family to maintain a lifestyle with no worries. It is, therefore, essential to have easy access to a plan, which will support you in unexpected circumstances. EFU Guaranteed Acceptance Plan is a high-value life assurance plan which provides a substantially swift accumulation of cash values.

Main features:
  1. Guaranteed acceptance for the policy with no medical test or health form
  2. It is a limited protection plan and provides a year-wise death benefit to the policyholder, with 100% coverage starting onwards from the 3rd year of the purchase of the plan
  3. The plan has an inbuilt additional rider of Accidental Death benefit which provides supplementary sum assured on the accidental death of the life assured, to maintain a standardized lifestyle.
  4. High unit allocation structure and additional bonus unit allocation to the plan from 5th year and onward
  5. The minimum annual premium is Rs. 40,000.
1 30%
2 80%
3 90%
4- 5 100%
6-10 103%
11 onwards 105%
Age Minimum Maximum
25-35 5 years 35 years
36-40 5 years 25 years
41-49 5 years 15 years
50-65 5 years 5 years

The minimum age to purchase the plan is 25 years and the maximum age of entry is 65 years next birthday.

Khushhali Plan

Let’s make khushhaal mustaqbil affordable!

It is always hard to save up for something substantial with all the chaos in life. It can be demanding to set aside money for your child’s higher education or marriage simultaneously, saving up money for your own home or simply the desire to have the luxury of a regular income after retirement. EFU Life’s ‘Khushhali Plan’, an easy on the pocket savings and coverage plan that provides you with the satisfaction of having an accumulated fund at your disposal. that when your time of need arrives you have a large saved up amount waiting to be employed!

1 30%
2 80%
3 90%
4- 5 100%
6-10 103%
11 onwards 105%
Main features:
  1. This plan helps you start saving from a low annual premium as low as PKR 20,000
  2. Benefit from the plan’s high investment provision
  3. Evade against inflation through the Inflation Protection Benefit
  4. Access your savings when you need them (when the situation arises)
  5. This plan is available in “HEMAYAH” takaful umbrella as well
  6. Retirement Income assurance to fulfill post retirement needs
  7. Builtin Natural death benefit
  8. Contribution: Minimum investment is PKR 50,000

Capital Growth Plan

See your capital Grow!

As an investor, making a sound investment requires good judgment and foresight. One of the most significant questions you face is: what do you want your savings to achieve for you? The EFU Capital Growth Plan groups in your investments with a big number of people. It allows you to profit from death coverage and investments across a huge range of equities together with a good range of government securities and cash deposits. The combined fund is managed by professional EFU investment managers which gives the private shareholder access to investment knowledge. The Plan provides the picture-perfect amalgamation of wealth growth with the protection of life insurance.

Main features:
  1. One time premium whole of life plan
  2. The policyholder can Participate in the returns of EFU Growth Funds
  3. Expert investment management
  4. 100% of your investment is utilized to buy units at the prevailing offer price
  5. Flexibility access your funds when you need them
  6. Built-in protection/safety benefits
  7. This plan is also available in “HEMAYAH” takaful umbrella as well
1 30%
2 80%
3 90%
4- 5 100%
6-10 103%
11 onwards 105%

Education Plan

A promise for a Brighter Tomorrow!

One of the best investments a parent makes is in their child’s education. A good concrete education is now essential to gain financial stability and progression in the competitive and technologically mature world that your children are growing up in. With EFUs Education Plan, you can guarantee that whatever you wish for your children, you can turn into a reality.

EFU education plan provides an optional Waiver-of-Premium Benefit states that if you are unable to pay for at least six months due to sickness, accident or due to loss of a job, the present payment to your plan will continue to be paid in full by EFU Life. This means that even in the case of something unfortunate, the education plans for your children will continue.

There are two key questions:

Q: How will the fund you originally targeted, for now, be made available? The Continuation Benefit of the EFU education plan, which is built into the plan, will ensure that all future assistance will be paid by EFU Life following the death of the parents until the plan’s maturity date. This means that the education money you had initially planned for will still be available for your children, even if something misfortunate happens.

Q: How will the current school fees be paid so that your child continues to receive the education necessary to prepare him for university education? To deal with the issue of paying school fees after your death, the EFU Education plan also provides an Income Benefit feature. This benefit is optional (can be acquired) and provides a fixed amount, which is payable quarterly in advance, to make sure that the school fees are paid on time. The quarterly income payment that you choose will be based on your current school fees requirements.

Main features:
  1. Choose the Period of the plan that suits your education planning
  2. Prepare against inflation through the “Inflation Protection Benefit”
  3. You can choose add-on benefits to tailor the plan to your needs
  4. This plan is also available in “HEMAYAH” takaful umbrella as well
1 30%
2 80%
3 90%
4- 5 100%
6-10 103%
11 onwards 105%

Prosperity for Life

Satisfy your need for security and prosperity

Your life is a journey with many different stages and each stage brings with it new challenges. With every step, there is a change in your role and responsibility. Whether you are at the initial phase of your career, have started a family, need money for your children’s education or marriage or planning for your retirement, you need to have a financial device which can imply to deal with changing circumstances and provide you with adequate funds to fulfil your family’s as well as your own needs. EFU Life brings you a flexible and high-value savings and protection plan “Prosperity for Life “that ensures that your dreams culminate into reality!

Main features:
  1. Get whole-of-life insurance protection
  2. The prosperity plan offers you two exclusive options to cater to your insurance and investments needs
  3. Get loyalty rewards through loyalty bonuses in this plan
  4. Accelerate the build-up of your fund through the feature of “Fund Acceleration Payments”
  5. Hedge against inflation through the Inflation Protection Benefit
  6. You can access your savings when needed
  7. This plan offers a choice of supplementary benefits to tailor the plan to your needs
  8. This plan is also available in “HEMAYAH” takaful umbrella as wel
1 30%
2 80%
3 90%
4- 5 100%
6-10 103%
11 onwards 105%

Nisa Savings plan

Women are special so the offer should be!

Financial planning is equally important for women as it is for men. Whether you are a homemaker or a professional, it is crucial to make a timely investment for you and your family’s future. Nisa Savings Plan caters to your medium to long term needs and helps you to become financially protected. Besides, the plan offers unique built-in female critical illness coverage which offers an additional lump sum fiscal benefit if you are diagnosed with one of the listed female cancers or female-specific illnesses.

Main features:

  1. Built-In Life Care Female Benefit that covers female related illnesses, cancers and critical illnesses.
  2. Nisa plans have additional riders to enhance your insurance protection.
  3. To ensure extra savings, extra money available can be invested in the plan through “Fund Acceleration Premium”.
  4. Coverage against inflation through the inflation protection benefit.
  5. The plans offer the option of partial or full withdrawal benefit at any time during the period depending on your needs.
  6. This plan is also available in “HEMAYAH” takaful umbrella as well
1 30%
2 80%
3 90%
4- 5 100%
6-10 103%
11 onwards 105%

Eligibility for the main plans


Minimum age at entry should be 18 years next birthday and the maximum age at entry is 55 years


The term of the plan is 10 to 25 years subject to maturity at 65 years


The minimum regular premium for basic plan is PKR 22,000 annually

Humsafar – Your Companion in Life

Planning for the safety and security of those who depend on us is our main responsibility. The trials life throws at us become easy to manage once we know our family is safeguarded in the face of unforeseen circumstances. We strive hard to fulfil the needs of our loved ones. We can’t make them ready for our absence but we can plan into the future so they live comfortably. With this thought, how comforting does it sound to have a plan that not only covers you but also provides coverage to your spouse?

EFU Life brings you Humsafar plan is a joint life unit-linked life insurance plan aiding coverage to both covered lives at a time, allowing savings to mount up for the family in the event of the untimely death of parents.

Main features:
  1. EFU Life provides competitive unit allocation structure and additional bonus unit allocation from 6th year and onwards
  2. Add supplementary riders into your policy to enhance your insurance protection.
  3. Protect against inflation through this inflation protection benefit provided in the plan.
  4. To Top up the savings or your extra funds can be invested in the plan through the Fund Acceleration Premium (FAP).
  5. The plan provides an option of partial or full withdrawal advantage during the plan period depending on your needs and requirements.
  6. You can get both spouses covered at the same time.
  7. Provide your family with financial security regardless of the uncertainty life brings forward.
  8. You can benefit from a competitive investment opportunity.
  9. Get extra unit allocation from the 6th year onwards of the policy.
  10. The plan offers benefits to access your savings when you need them.
  11. You can avail higher returns by investing in EFU Life growth funds.
  12. This plan is also available in “HEMAYAH” takaful umbrella as well

Eligibility for the main plans


Minimum age at entry should be 18 years next birthday and the maximum age at entry is 55 years


The term of the plan is 10 to 25 years subject to maturity at 65 years


The minimum regular premium for basic plan is PKR 22,000 annually

1 30%
2 80%
3 90%
4- 5 100%
6-10 103%
11 onwards 105%

Group Plans by EFU life

Critical Illness Cover

EFU Life Critical Illness coverage can help relieve some of the financial strain of paying for expensive medical treatment for a critical illness. The Critical illness plan pays a cash lump sum that can provide the means to pay for specialized equipment, cover day to day expenditures, pay for private treatment or provide an income. The benefit is allocated if an individual suffers from or undergoes any one of the 10 specified critical illnesses mentioned below:

  • Heart Attack
  • Coronary Artery Surgery (By-pass Surgery)
  • Paralysis
  • Major Organ Transplant
  • Cancer
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Blindness
  • Stroke
  • Renal Failure

10. Deafness

Salary Continuation Plan

EFU Life’s Salary Continuation Plan is special coverage for an income continuation in the face of an unfortunate incident. This feature allows the family to maintain the standard of life they have been familiar with. The plan provides employees with the peace of mind in knowing that their families will be financially protected if any misfortunate event arises.

The Salary Continuation Plan offers the following:
  1. Salary linked insurance benefit which can be customized according to your organization’s needs and requirements.
  2. Salary increment may be added to the salary continuation plan to counter the impact of inflation
  3. The plan offers flexibility in premium payments that may be made annually or monthly
  4. Premiums are treated as non-taxable
  5. Exclusion free insurance cover in case of natural death
  6. The option of “Profit sharing” with groups having a minimum of 200 members

Credit Life Scheme – Employers

Extra incentives need to be given to the employees to enhance productivity and improve retaining. Loan coverage for employees is a movement forward towards a better employer-employee relationship.

The following features of the Credit Life Scheme are relevant for all credit facilities offered by an employer:

  1. Employee loyalty and retention can be achieved.
  2. The insurance premium is minimal compared to the loan amount taken.
  3. Premium rates can be combined with the rates charged for the loan.
  4. Premiums are an allowable expense for tax purposes
  5. The plan allows Lump sum repayment of the loan in case death or disability occurs.
  6. In this plan, the employee can be assured up to 60 years of age.
  7. Profit-sharing can be done with groups having a minimum of 200 members
Credit Life Scheme – Financial Institutions

Loans, credit card facilities, business finance and all such credits aid in achieving persons’ dreams, but there is always a sense of uncertainty in handling repayments. A disease, injury or death of the breadwinner may strike without caution, leaving the debt impossible to payback.

EFU life Scheme plan provides a Credit Life Scheme, which offers life and disability coverage for the customers of a credit establishment (coverage for repayment of loan or credit card balances). The plan lets borrowers enjoy the latest car, luxury home, higher education for children or the family trip to amazing resorts with ample peace of mind.

The following features of the Credit Life Scheme are applicable for all credit facilities:

  1. The insurance premium is minimal compared to the loan amount.
  2. Premium rates can be combined with the rates charged for the loan/credit card.
  3. The premiums are not taxed.
  4. Lump-sum repayment of the loan in case of death or if a disability occurs. This benefit helps the family to not to be burdened with compensations of loan or credit card balance in case of demise or permanent disability of the borrower.
  5. The Credit scheme allows the borrower to be assured up to 60 years of age.

Fee Continuation Plan – Employers

Employer’s need 100% tested and tried ways to retain their employees. Since child education is one of the most important responsibilities of any parent, any financial cushion for this task can be most welcoming. As a boss, a school Fee Continuation Plan for the member of staff children in times of reservations, a unique plan that warrants the security of the educational future of the child in case of any adversity.

The school Fee Continuation Plan for employers offers the following:

  1. This plan offers a way to retain the employee and maintain loyalty towards the company.
  2. Minimal premiums can be charged combined to the main group life insurance plan
  3. You can avail Grade-linked or salary linked benefit structure.
  4. The plan offers flexibility in choosing the number of children that can be protected for each employee.
  5. Fee continuation can be in form of a fixed annual amount that shall be payable to the grieving family for the child’s educational expenditures for up to a definite academic level.
  6. The plan offers exclusion free insurance coverage in case of natural death.
  7. You can avail coverage of the employee up to 60 years of age.
  8. Premiums of the insurance plans are tax-free
  9. There is a profit-sharing” with groups having a minimum of 200 members.
Fee Continuation Plan – Educational Institute

An educational stride for a child is very important in achieving its future goal. The educational institute mentors educate and protect the child just as their parents do. The role of educational institutions is as important as parents in shaping the child’s future. In case of any unfortunate event that may happen, this dream can take into a nightmare. EFU Life through this plan takes this critical responsibility and guarantees the continuance of providing quality education to the children.

The Fee Continuation Plan can be utilized for payments of fee of schools as well as colleges, universities and all types of educational institutes. This plan offers the following:

The premium may be combined with the institute’s monthly or annual fee and estimated as an extra benefit the institute is providing.

  1. Building the good-will of the institution
  2. Built-in inflation protection in annual premium
  3. Coverage of Parent or guardian up to 60 years of age
  4. Premiums of the EFU Life plans are non-taxable.
Group Savings Plan

A Group Savings Plan “A complete product solution for savings and investment needs”

A penny saved is a penny earned. It is not as easy as it as it sounds. In times of pandemic and financial crisis, employees find it very hard to save a percentage of their earnings that may make the most of in the future if need be. An employer can facilitate their employees in their struggles towards building a financially secure future by choosing for EFU Life’s Group Savings Plan. This distinctive plan enables the employees to save some part of their earnings which can grow to a considerable amount at the policy maturity while enjoying insurance coverage as well.

Salient features of the Group Savings Plan are as follows:

  1. Ensures employee retention and loyalty
  2. Unit linked insurance coverage for groups
  3. Offers easy Premium Payment option to the employers
  4. The plan offers the option to choose from a range of available EFU Growth Funds depending on participants' risk appetite.
  5. You can avail choice to select Sum Assured Structure based on member’s inclinations
  6. Benefits may be availed in lump sum payments or the form of retirement returns as pension/allowance
  7. “Exclusion Free” insurance under the Basic Life Coverage plan
  8. Option to protect against inflation through Inflation Protection Benefit (IPB)
  9. The plan offers a conversion option from the group savings plan to any regular individual insurance plan in case of disassociation with the company
  10. Option to accelerate the growth of your fund through Fund Acceleration Premium
  11. The EFU plan Offers easy access to savings as per needs and requirements

Group Provident Fund Insurance Scheme

EFU Life’s Group Provident Fund Scheme has been calculated to provide a financial pillow to the family in the event of the untimely death of the breadwinner of the family. Losing a loved one is not only loss of income in form of monthly salary, but the family is also deprived of the sustained growth of Provident Fund (PF) if the member had been alive till the age of retirement.

The Provident Fund Insurance Scheme’s main highlights are:

  1. Compensation for potential loss of the “projected” provident fund.
  2. High funds accumulation can be chosen for younger employees and vice-versa
  3. The premium is paid out of the provident fund of the employee, hence imposing no extra burden upon employer/company.
  4. The supplementary insurance is perceived as an added benefit to employees; hence it brings great value to employee loyalty and preservation.
  5. Exclusion free insurance cover in case of natural death
  6. The Plan offers profit sharing with groups having a minimum of 200 members

Hospital Cash Plan

EFU Life’s “Hospital Cash Plan” offers a unique, simple and reasonably priced hospital cash cover which pays a fixed sum for each day that the policyholder is admitted to any hospital (It carries no limitation of panel hospitals). EFU Life Hospital cash plan offers daily cash benefit to the individual regardless of the actual amount of the hospital bill that arises. This plan also provides an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) benefit that is double that of the daily hospital cash benefit.

Hospital Cash Cover offers the following features:

  1. The premium may be combined with the organization’s monthly or annual fee and can be offered as an additional benefit the organization is providing.
  2. This EFU life plan is a simple to explain, understand & use plan; ensuring that employees benefit from the product.
  3. Provide a living benefit to the employees.
  4. Help generate employee goodwill for the organization.
Main Benefits

If the policyholder, as a result of mishap or illness is inevitably confined within a Hospital, for at least 24 successive hours under the supervision of a Physician, then EFU Life will, upon acknowledgement of and due examination of the said Claim, pay the Daily Benefit.

Intensive Care Unit Benefit

If the policyholder has become eligible for the Central Benefit and is admitted to ICU then an added amount equal to 100% of his Daily Benefit (as offered by the policy) would be paid to the policyholder. At no occasion shall the total amount of assistance provided for each day of hospitalization can exceed twice the amount of Daily Benefit.

Maximum Consecutive Hospitalization

In case of continuous hospitalization for more than 24 hours, the payment of the daily cash benefit whether it is (ICU Benefit and/or Main Benefit) may continue for a maximum of thirty (30) successive days for one hospitalization.

Waiting Period between Two Hospitalizations

In the case of multiple hospitalizations, the requirement is that there should be a gap of 30 days between the two hospitalizations

No benefit shall be paid to the policyholder in case of hospitalization of less than 24 successive hours.

Natural Disability Benefit

This benefit offers the payment of the full sum guaranteed if the policyholder suffers from permanent disability caused by natural grounds.

Data Requirement

The basic data requirement from the employer is the list of employees with details regarding names, dates of birth and CNIC numbers. This data is required at each renewal of the policy i.e. each year. Timely adjustments of fluctuations can be made if the turnover of employees is communicated along with names, dates of birth, CNIC numbers and dates of leaving or joining.

Service Standards

At EFU Life strives to provide you with excellent services and serve its customers beyond their expectations. EFU Life has a friendly customer service and an enthusiastic and devoted sales force, EFU Life ensures its customers the best attention at all times.

EFU Life has set up stringent service standards so that they may satisfy their customers consistently

  1. Claim Settlement within seven days of submitting claim documents
  2. Service response to business queries within three working days
  3. ISO 9001-2008 certified operational procedures to ensure optimal quality services
  4. Well-trained staff with strong insurance background which assures sound information and knowledge
  5. Preparation of quotations within three days of quotation request generated from customer


This is a 14 days period during which you can meet your policy terms and conditions and can cancel the policy. During these 14 days the policy would be refunded

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